Fermanagh Roots?

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My Fermanagh roots — please help!

Bryan McManus - 06:58am Jan 16, 1999 Irish

Hi, My name is Bryan McManus. I live all the way west in California and I'm looking for information relating to my family's move from Ireland to New Jersey(East Orange, Middlesex, East Rutherford areas). John T. McManus(like there aren't a million of them) married Clara Brooks. I'm not sure that this happened in Ireland of in America, but they had many children, including my grandfather, Frank Hubbard McManus. this may be an obscure practice, but I've been told that family tradition is to give the first son of a given family the father's mother's maiden name as a middle name. If this sounds farmiliar and you know of families that practiced this or still do, they may be a link to my family's past. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated.


Bryan McManus

MaryCarmen Trenner - 06:07am Feb 9, 1999 Irish (#1 of 186)

Bryan, I am in Connecticut and am trying to find my McManus roots too. I have info going back to a Patrick McManus b.1816 and married a Mary Murray from England. They came to the states and settled in Ohio. Any possible connection?


Patrick Warnock - 05:30am Aug 22, 1999 Irish (#2 of 186)

Searching WARNOCK-McGuire roots in FERM. James Warnock served at Trafalgar with Lord Nelson,and mustered out in Maguiresbridge-Enniskillen area.He had some form of Crown land grant and Married Bridget McGuire around 1821.They were RC and their 8th child,Ellenora was christened in Linaskea Parish Church 15DEC 1841. In 1842 the couple and 8 children arrived in Canada,Renfrew co. in Ontario and had 2 more Canaadian-born kids in 1843 and 1845. James and Bridget are buried in Canada and I have very complete data on the Canadian era but want to find their parents and siblings in Fermanagh.Hope you can help. < pwarnock@magma.ca > Patrick Warnock.


amy Barnes - 07:16pm Sep 17, 1999 Irish (#3 of 186)

Hi, I'm researching Matthews. It is hearsay that my gggrandmother Francis "fannie" Hester Matthews was born in Maguires Bridge Ireland, on 08/29/1860. She came to America approx 1872. I believe her father may have been John E Matthews whose mother was Hester Evanes from north ireland and father was John Matthews from Wales. I can not link her with her parents. I have literally hit a blank wall - if anyone has any information I would be most appreciative.


Julia Sharpe - 07:57am Nov 27, 1999 Irish (#4 of 186)

Looking for any information or living relatives of one Ann Jane McVity born Fermanagh,Ireland 1839.( My GGGrandmother)

Ann arrived in South Australia from England aboard the 'Switzerland' on the 12th September,1855. She married William Hamlyn in South Australia on the 23rd January,1856.

Would appreciate any information but in particular would like to be able to find out who her parents were and if she had any siblings.

I have three variations on her name..McVity from shipping records, Mavity on her marriage certificate and McVittie on one of childrens' birth certificate. The name Mavity on the marriage certificate was not written by Ann, she signed it with a 'X' and written beside the cross are the words 'her mark'.

If you think you have any information re Ann's family or think you may have a connection, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanking you in advance, Julia...Australia


Connie Knox Beck - 02:59am Jan 17, 2000 Irish (#5 of 186)

I descend from Robert Jackson, b l733 in Co. Fermanagh, who m. Mary Henthorne of the same county. His father was Hugh Jackson, b. l709 of Co. Fermanagh. Was Hugh's father Dr.Joseph Jackson of Carrickfergus? Connie Knox Beck, 2765 130th St., Lenox, IA 50851 Phone: 515 333 2537 cbeck@lenox.heartland.net


Pat Donahoe - 03:34pm Feb 1, 2000 Irish (#6 of 186)

Pat Donahoe seeks information about the Edirney area of Fermanagh. John McAlear (McAleer) and Sarah Breen McAleer registered the birth of Ellen (Eleanor) in 1864 while living in Edirney, County Fermanagh. I am seeking birth or baptism registry information on Mary Ann McAlear and Thomas Henry McAlear, Ellen's siblings.

Eventually Mary Ann McAlear Lavelle (wife of Patrick) and her brother Thomas emigrated to Parker, South Dakota, USA.

John McAlear may have originally come from Omagh. Sarah Breen had a sister, Marjorie. Both were described as coming from County Fermanagh.

Are there still McAlears in the Roman Catholic Parish in Edirney? I would appreciate any information you might give which will help me locate more records. Thank you. Pat Donahoe


Chuck Simpson - 10:05pm Feb 6, 2000 Irish (#7 of 186)

I am searching for the familys of William Little and his wife Jane West. Wm. Little was born in 1803 in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, He married Jane West Abt 1836 near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh Ireland. I would love to hear from anyone that is conected to these two familys. My email address is simpsonchu@mountaincable.net


Kathleen White - 09:00pm Jul 17, 2000 Irish (#8 of 186)

Looking for info on my family of Ellie Marie McManus who married James Graham in Enniskillen, Ellie Claire Graham Smith, Maria Graham, John Graham, Joseph Graham, Christy (?) Graham, Owen Graham (died young). Please contact me at kwhite3642@aol.com or phone 1-800-262-9034 in USA


Cecelia Emerson - 11:46pm Sep 2, 2000 Irish (#9 of 186)

Hi, Iam trying to find out info on my g.grandfather. He was Michael McDonough b.1840 or 1843 in Co.Fermanagh to a Winnifred(King)and Michael McDonough. I keep hitting dead ends. Are there McDonoughs in this area? Thanks ccemerson2@aol.com


R. Cluff - 05:19am Sep 9, 2000 Irish (#10 of 186)

Hi, trying to find any information on my 7th generation grandfather Noble Cluff, born 1780 in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. His wife was Mary Thompson, born around 1782, in Enniskillen. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. (Any CLUFFS from Ireland out there?). Thanks, cstdemo@aol.com


margaret duke - 04:10pm Sep 19, 2000 Irish (#11 of 186)

Looking for John Mcdermott born 1933 from Irvinestown.He worked in Surrey England as a male nurse. Any info gratefully recieved.


Jenny WARNER - 05:06am Dec 22, 2000 Irish (#12 of 186)

LAW - Looking for relatives of John LAW, born in Carn, Fermanagh 1850/51 to Thomas LAW & Catherine PHYLLIPS. He Immigrated to Australia and married. Any info on other family members would be gratefully received. Thank You, Jenny WARNER henrydog@eisa.net.au


Pamela Taylor - 09:01pm Mar 9, 2001 Irish (#13 of 186)

Pamela Taylor is looking for information on Timothy COOGAN who was from Fermanagh and who was married to Mary FAHEY/FAHY. Their daughter, Bridget Coogan, came to US around 1864/1865 and made her way to Cincinnati, Ohio. There was also a John Fahey/Fahy that came to Cincinnati about the same time as Bridget Coogan--possibly a cousin. Thank you pet207@worldnet.att.net


E DuRoss - 07:46pm May 13, 2001 Irish (#14 of 186)

I am looking for a Neil DuRoss born in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh in 1828. He immigrated to Philadelphia and is on the 1860 census. No trace after that.


Judy Hand - 11:58am Jun 30, 2001 Irish (#15 of 186)

I am trying to locate the family of Hugh Grey, who was born at Enniskillen in 1820/21. He married Prudentia Fitzpatrick and lived at Downpatrick until emigrating to New Zealand in 1863. Because he died at sea, his death certificate contained neither his parents' names nor his place and date of birth. Hugh had some family connection with Samuel Gray of Ballybay, Co. Moynihan, but we cannot determine the relationship. We "down under" would appreciate any help anyone could give us. My email is j.rhand@xtra.co.nz


lorraine q - 10:37pm Jul 9, 2001 Irish (#16 of 186)

I am trying to find out any information about the family of Edward McInally born in Co. Fermanagh approx 1830s. His wife was called Mary O`Brien d.o.b unknown. All I know about her is she had a brother called Patrick and parents called John O`Brien and Mary Collins. I presume they remained in Fermanagh, but Edward and Mary had a son called Edward who was born in 1856 and emigrated around 1875 with his uncle Patrick O`Brien to Glasgow. I cannot find birth cert`s etc. but all I have are details of Edward jnr and Patrick - that they were farm labourers from Fermanagh. I know it`s a long shot, but I`d appreciate any info. My e-mail is lorraineq@ntlworld.com


Rod Mowen - 04:16pm Jul 16, 2001 Irish (#17 of 186)

Looking for evidence of my ancestry in Fermanagh. Some Mowens coming through Ellis Island listed their origin as Fermanagh or Lisknaskia.

Rod Mowen

E-Mail-- rmowen@gstleather.com


Brian Clarke - 12:58pm Aug 4, 2001 Irish (#18 of 186)

Looking for information on Clarke family of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh Parents: Alexander Clarke / Isabella Love. sons: Henry Clarke, born abt.1844, married Hannah Mahoney, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4/7/1870. Thomas Clarke, born abt. 1837, married Mary Jamieson Gillespie, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, 15/9/1864. May have had other children: Catherine, Hugh, John.

Brian Clarke: beclarke@hotkey.net.au


Patricia Gauthier - 02:45am Aug 21, 2001 Irish (#19 of 186)

I am looking for the "roots" of my greatgrandfather, Patrick McMulkin. His wife was Margaret McAleer. They imigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800's. They had several children at the time, including: Owen, John, Hannah, and Mary. My grandfather was born in Illinois after they imigrated.

Patricia Gauthier: pattyg@montana.net


Marilyn Cole - 04:18am Aug 23, 2001 Irish (#20 of 186)

I am searching for information regarding a Christopher Henderson born 1805 in Enniskillen Fermanagh Ireland. He died in 1846 in Ireland. He married a Ann Isles and when Christopher died Ann and the children moved to Canada and settled in the Mosa Township area and Glencoe Ontario. Christopher's father's name is William and mother's is Margaret ? .


Joyce Maxwell - 11:56am Oct 15, 2001 Irish (#21 of 186)

MAXWELL of Fermanagh. Looking for any information on the MAXWELL family of Fermanagh, specifically, John MAXWELL, b. abt. 1813, who married Jane JOHNSTON in 1834 and had emigrated to Canada by 1840. Please contact j.maxwell@att.net


john m cox64 - 07:01pm Nov 14, 2001 Irish (#22 of 186)

Looking for info on my G.G.Grandfather who on his daughters wedding certificate was stated to have been a school teacher her name was Rose Lunny born around 1840 her father was Philip Lunny and was probably teaching in the period between 1830 and 1850.Any help gratefully received jmcoxlunny@hotmail.com


Norm Bell - 03:28am Dec 4, 2001 Irish (#23 of 186)

I am trying to find out any information about the family of Thomas JENNINGS born in Co. Fermanagh approx 1786 and died in Ontario CANADA in 1870. His wife is unknown. He had a son Samuel JENNINGS (b. 1832 in Fermanagh d. 1920 in Mount Albert Ontario CANADA) having 10 children by 2 wives. They may have emigrated around 1830. The details noted here are per Mount Albert Cemetary headstones. I`d appreciate any info.

There may be a connection to Enniskillen, which I understand is rolling in JENNINGS surnames.

E-mail: nbell@log.on.ca.

Website :http://www.genealogy.com/users/b/e/l/Norm-Bell/


judy donley - 09:51am Dec 30, 2001 Irish (#24 of 186)

Hi, my name is Judy Ward Donley. I live in the state of Washington,USA.My Gggrandfather John Ward came to the USA in 1803 on the Londonderry to New York as a laborer from Fermanagh.Are any Wards still there? and just where is it located in Ireland? Would the Name Ward Have been Mac-something? and when would the Wards have change it? I'm the 5th generation of the Irish Wards here in my line and mighty proud of it and the musical talents we have from the Irish. Any help is appreciated.from these questions Judy Please answer to donley77@aol.com Thankyou


Charlette Compton - 07:09pm Feb 6, 2002 Irish (#25 of 186)

KERR Family - Fermanagh 1827. I have a family lore story that my g-g-g-grandmother, Mary KERR married Charles COULTER and left for North America in 1827. They settled in Emily Twp. in Victoria Co., Ontario. About 1837 her mother, Mary KERR, and siblings George KERR; Thomas KERR; Gabriel KERR; Margaret KERR; William KERR moved to Canada. The mother died on the way. Father's name Gabriel KERR. Any help on this Family greatly appreciated. Charlette Compton Sarasota, FL, USA ComptonEF@aol.com


Josie Kramer - 10:41pm Feb 10, 2002 Irish (#26 of 186)

I am trying to find information on the Corry,Curry or Mc.Corry family from around the Derrylin area. My GGrandmother Bridget Curry was born around 1858 to Hugh and Bridget Corry. She was baptised in the Knockninny RC Church Gortmullan. She had a younger sister Mary and a Brother Thomas. Any one who may have any information on that family could you please contact me at jjhamill@seol.net.au Thankyou Josie Kramer


Dennis James MORAN - 03:02pm Feb 26, 2002 Irish (#27 of 186)

MORAN.Hi I am searching for any information on my family. My father William James MORAN was born in Glenwinney Enniskillin on the 9 Oct 1917 and came to England around 1935. The only other info I have was that of his parents. Father, James MORAN a caretaker and his mother Mary MORAN nee McDERMOTT. Thankyou Dennis MORAN. Please reply to denmorproducts@aol.com


Bonnie-Beacom - 03:58am Mar 9, 2002 Irish (#28 of 186)

Hi, Looking for the Beacom family that was from Fermanagh. I have William and Rebecca(Keys) Beacom Both born in 1811. William in Lack and Rebecca in Ednery. Having a very hard time traceing the Beacom name. Any help I would love to hear from you. They was my great-great grandparents. Their 2 sons William and Thomas came to the USA in 1869. Cheers Bonnie-Beacom


Raymond A. Saunders - 04:14am Mar 10, 2002 Irish (#29 of 186)

Hi: My name is Raymond A. Saunders of Winter Park, FL.(USA) I'd like to have e-mail contact with someone who lives in Aghamuldowney Township, Devenish Parish, Fermanagh County, Ireland. My e-mail address is ras@sprintmail.com


Bill Noble - 01:43am Mar 14, 2002 Irish (#30 of 186)

My name is Bill Noble, Ontario Canada.Trying to get early info re-John Noble Born 1820, married Martha Rolston born about 1823. can find no record of marriage here. There first child was born here in 1844.

There were two more cases of Noble / Rolston marriages: Irvine Noble born 1825 married Mary Rolston born 1826 {Mary was a sister to Robert Rolston born 1824}. Another Irvine Noble born 1811 married Jane Rolston here.

Please contact me at:alwaysnoble@sympatico.ca


Brian Clarke - 12:05pm Mar 17, 2002 Irish (#31 of 186)

Seeking information on Alexander Clarke who was married to Isabella Love. Immigration Passenger lists show that they immigrated to Australia with their family on the vessel "Eliza" arriving Sydney, 15 September 1855. Children listed were: John (21), Elizabeth (19), Hugh (14), Henry (11), Mary (9) and Isabella (5). Place of origin was listed as Templecarrin, Fermanagh, Ireland. This, I feel, could possibly be the civil parish of Templecarne. Another son, Thomas immigrated to Australia on the “Coldstream” in 1863. His place of origin was listed as Pettigoe, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. Parents names were listed as Robert & Isabella Clarke, and John & Mary Love. Death Certificates for: Alexander has parents as Robert Clarke and Elizabeth Killpatrick, and has Alexander as a "Native of County Donegal, Ireland". Isabella has parents as John Love and Mary Cathcart, and Isabella as a "Native of County Fermanagh, Ireland".


georgia arnett - 04:29am Mar 18, 2002 Irish (#32 of 186)

My CRAWFORD AND BLAYNEY family was from CO. FERMANAGH and CO TYRONE My gg_granfather b 1788 Died Dec 31, 1878 in Logan County OHIO in the little town of Belle Center His name was John Middle name not sure possible George last or surname was CRAWFORD any info would be wonderful GEORGIA


Mary Mck Cooper - 04:40am Mar 19, 2002 Irish (#33 of 186)

My name is MARY McKNIGHT (COOPER) and I am searching for information pertaining to the Mcclenaghan family of Armagh c. l780-l86l. John m. Mary Urie, l800, emig. OH, USA, l8l2. Any information would be appreciated. email:MCK94@aol.com


malcolm mcgrice - 12:11pm Apr 16, 2002 Irish (#34 of 186)

Malcolm McGrice I am searching for any info re McGrice family of Fermanagh < 1860 in partic. Other spellings - Magrice/McGreece/McGrace/Mcrice ?? Only poss. Irish links to date; Hugh,Neal & Tom Magrice,county Drumkeeran,townland Creland & scrunny,c.1832. William McGrice/McGreece & wife Jane [Brown or Kennedy] emigrated to Vic. Aust. 1857. Another Wm McGrice emigrated to Virg. US. 1705. Any info much appreciated. Email nelby_10@yahoo.com


BEVERLY LYNCH DEVINE - 09:04pm Sep 9, 2002 Irish (#35 of 186)



Miki McNichols - 05:13am Sep 26, 2002 Irish (#36 of 186)

I have been given information that my Armstrong ancestors may have been from Tullinagin. I've found various place names spelled similar -Tullnagin and Tullynagin. Does anyone know if these are the same place or are they different places and where it is located? Does the surname still exist in the area? Any information might be helpful!

Thank you!! mikipatmcn@aol.com


Charloette Greiner - 04:58am Nov 4, 2002 Irish (#37 of 186)

Am looking for information on the Arnett's family history...yes my grandmother was a Arnett and there is a family reunion every year in Morehead, Ky.


Barbara Ferguson Hammer - 06:46pm Jan 4, 2003 Irish (#38 of 186)

I am looking for information about 3 brothers who were born in Co. Fermanagh who were orphaned at an early age (possibly in 1839) and subsequently went to Scotland to live with an uncle (not sure if paternal or maternal). The names are John, b 1829; James, b. 1832; and Simon, b. 11 July 1837. Another relative has found them in the 1851 Census living in Dundee. Any information about the parents or uncle would be appreciated.

Thank you!! Barbara Ferguson Hammer email address: barbh@brinet.com


Bellamy Howard - 06:17am Mar 27, 2003 Irish (#39 of 186)

I am researching James Martin born C.1803 in Fermanagh who died 1842 on the ship Manlius on the way to Australia. Around 1815 he married Catherine Armstrong born c. 1797 in Magheraculmoney Parish to Robert and Isabella Armstrong. Her brother was James "Bedad" Armstrong.


Art Wilson Sr. - 01:26am May 11, 2003 Irish (#40 of 186)

Seeking Parents Of Robert McDowell b 1742, County Fermanagh died 1819, same. Married Ann Carr from same county. awilson@borg.com Thanks Art


Billie Leclerc - 03:41am May 26, 2003 Irish (#41 of 186)

I'm posting this in many places hoping to make a connection.

I don't know exactly where to begin this research for a g-g-grandmother who was born in Ireland sometime in the 1830's and obviously came to America, where she married my g-g-grandfather in in the state of Iowa in 1859. But I have learned that many of the ELLIOTTS were from Fermanagh, Antrim, Cavin or Donegal county. Perhaps you can check local census records for their names. It would be quite a boon for me to at least know what county and what town they were from!

I'll give you all the information that I know about them in the hope that you may be able to make suggestions for further research if you cannot be of direct assistance.

Christopher BETTS & Lucinda ELLIOTT of Butler County, Iowa (IA) are my g-g-grandparents. They were married Jan. 1, 1859 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, IA by Rev. J.M. Phillips & are buried in Lowelltown Cemetery, Clarksville, Butler County, IA.

I have traced Christopher back to PA but know nothing of Lucinda. I found them registered on page 86, #256/237 in the Iowa, Black Hawk County 1860 census, roll 187. Lucinda's age was 22 and her birth place is Ireland! Living with them then was another ELLIOTT, Charles, 21, a carpenter also born in Ireland!

I then found an entry for another ELLIOTT family in the same region at # 307/287, and all adults were also born in Ireland! Their names are:

William, a farmer of 45 yrs, Jane, 30, and Charles, 23, a blacksmith. Two young children, George DB, 4 yrs. and William A., 2 yrs. were also included but they were born in IA.

These two families could be related! I need tips from descendents of either of these Ireland-born ELLIOTT families or clues from others who might know about them to help me find out about my ancestors! I appreciate your willingness to try to help others. May God richly bless you for your kindness!

Thank you for trying! Billie Betts Leclerc

P.S. An earlier query brought me this message from a Mary Martin that may or may not relate to my family. I'll paste her note in case it will be of assistance to you. I have been unable to locate any records for the ship "America" she referred to.

"I tried your Lucinda/Charles combination of names, and found the following:

All of the rest of the information is the same as that of Lucy. There is no proof that any of these Elliotts were from the same family, but there is always that possibility. I did not find any Butterworths on this ship."



Mary Francis - 11:18pm Aug 17, 2003 Irish (#42 of 186)

DUMA(R)S - Adam, a soldier in the 44thFoot Regiment from 1812 - 1831. He was 48 when he retired & was to draw his pension in Inneskillen. He was born c 1783 in Fermanagh & was a weaver Married to Hannah NOBLE/NOYLE/NAGLE at least one son Adam who was born in Deal Kent & die in New Zealand. Adam Jnr married Margaret FARRELL b. Fermanagh in Fermanagh c1839, & in !842 they arrived in Sydney, Australia aboard the 'Margaret'. Looking for anyone with info on Adam snr marriage, life after army discharge, his death & hopefully his parentage. Sue nzjigsaw@yahoo.com


jenni symes - 02:56am Sep 18, 2003 Irish (#43 of 186)

DRUM Hugh Son of matthew & Mary(Quin) born Approx 1844 county Fermanagh. He arrived in Australia on thr Beejapare 21/05/1858.Trying to find if any other (brothers & Sister) who stayed in Ireland or went else where. Have traced all the other cousins that came to Australia.


Margaret Ann Miesterfeld - 10:07pm Jan 14, 2004 Irish (#44 of 186)

I am searching for roots of Mary Faulkner born about 1828 in Fermanagh County. She immigrated to New Orleans between 1840 - 1850 and married John Doyle of Wexford County in New Orleans in St. Joseph Catholic Church 8 Feb. 1853. An A.V. Doyle was a witness to the marriage. She had several children in New Orleans and applied for John Doyle's Civil War Pension sometime after 1877. Mary Faulkner Doyle died 15 Feb. 1895 in New Orleans.


Fran Wilson - 12:36am Feb 17, 2004 Irish (#45 of 186)

Searching for Young and Morrison families. James Young was living in Lismalore in 1825. His son Robert who married Susan Morrison, was in Aghnacloy, Co Fermanagh, where his children James, George, William, John, Anna, and Susan were christened in Aghavea Parish from 1838-1874, when his wife Susan died. He remarried Ellen McMillan the following year. The children migrated to the U.S. in the 1860s, and lived in New York and Michigan. Looking for any information on these families.

Fran Young Wilson


Joan Heaney - 03:42am Apr 13, 2004 Irish (#46 of 186)

Heaney is the name I am trying to trace. I am not sure if the Heaney's were from Laois or Fermanagh. The only thing I know is that William A Heaney Sr born in 1850 left the area in 1874. He married a Margaret J Derbyshire, born in 1851. She came to the US in 1875 (?) and I am not sure if they were married in Ireland or in the US. Margaret had a brother Albert w. Derbyshire born 1855, a brother Frank born 1858 and a sister Ella born 1856 according to their ages in the 1880 US census. Depending on what month the census was taken they could have been born a year off one way or another. Any information I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Joan Heaney pheaney@att.net


Jill Phillips - 02:46am Apr 16, 2004 Irish (#47 of 186)

Jill Phillips,

Looking for information about the Irvine family. My great-grandmother, Dorothea, came to NSW, AUSTRALIA, from Co Fermanagh with her father, William and mother, Catherine, in the 1850s. Have obtained her death certificate and place of birth is something like "Drunkeeran" or "Dresnakeeran".


Jill Phillips - 07:18am Apr 17, 2004 Irish (#48 of 186)

Further to message 48. Have now learned that Dorothea came in 1867 on the ship Light Brigade with her sisters, Catherine, Elizabeth and Louisa, and maybe an aunt, Dorothea aged 60. Came from Drumkeeran. Co. Fermanagh. Do I have any long lost relatives still in the county?

Jill Phillips, Queensland, Australia


ktravers - 09:40pm Apr 25, 2004 Irish (#49 of 186)

I am researching a line of Wilson in Tempo, Fermanagh. The only information I have so far is a Robert Wilson, married a Mary Anne West, 28th November 1896, Roman Catholic Chapel of Tempo in the Registrar's District of Tempo in the Union of Enniskillen in the County of Fermanagh. Residence at time of marriage Ballyreagh. Robert's father's name William Wilson (deceased - farmer). Mary Anne's mother's name S. West. Robert and Mary Anne moved to Scotland and had at least one daughter, Annie. I would love to hear from anyone who may be researching these surnames - and also some advice on how to find out more. Mary Anne died in Scotland, Robert disappeared (possibly to America) and Annie was last heard of in London in 1937.


Kevin Hayes - 02:55am May 9, 2004 Irish (#50 of 186)

I am attempting to trace my gr-grandmother Anne Slowey. She emigrated from Ireland(Fermanagh) to America (NY) around 1875. I believe she was 16 when she came to America with her brother John, and sisters Hannah, Mary and Elizabeth.

I also believe her mothers' maiden name was Graham. Any information would be appreciated.

I have visited Ireland many times but have not gotten to Fermanagh yet. I am curious if I have some distant cousins still there.


PARKER - 04:15am Jun 12, 2004 Irish (#51 of 186)

Sent e-mail message From: eptng@webtv.net Date: Fri, Jun 11, 2004, 6:41pm To: whirlwinder@netscape.net Subject: MCMANUS Hi , My name is Ray Parker and I would like to know how far you have gotten back . I too have have family from the same area as yours (FERMANAGH). A Margaret McManus born in the 1830's married Thomas Reilly . I have more ifo than this but if you like please let know what you have . I can send you the info that I have later . I have to find it . There is info on other McManus family members that came to the USA and some that did not . I can even give you a few other E-MAIL address. if you like of other McManus . My e-mail is ray029@webtv.net


Mary S Perkins - 12:28pm Jun 17, 2004 Irish (#52 of 186)

I am researching one Gustavius Armstrong, who had two children. Jane and James. James was born in Knockmanoul on Sept. 28,1736. Jane married a John Crozier. James married in Abingdon,VA. It is the parents of Gustavius I am looking for.---mperkins@gt.rr.com


Roy Milne - 09:04pm Jul 2, 2004 Irish (#53 of 186)

I am searching for relatives of the John Joseph McHugh family that lived in Roslea in the early 1900's. John Joseph was a constable and married to Mary Ellen Cummins. I believe the McHugh's had 12 or 13 children. John Joseph and Mary Ellen McHugh and approximately half of their children died in a flue epidemic probably before 1910. Children known to have survived and immigrated to the United States are Mary Ellen, Kathleen, Nora or Norah and Margaret Mary. I believe that Nora and Margaret Mary were under five at the time their parents died and they were raised in a Catholic Convent or Orphanage somewhere near Roslea.

Nora McHugh was my mother and I would appreciate any information regarding my grandparents, aunts and uncles. My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland next year and we would love to meet and visit with relatives while we are in Ireland.

Please contact me at lazyackers1@cox.net


Joy Dean - 08:15pm Jul 7, 2004 Irish (#54 of 186)

Elizabeth Jane McCusker (acording to the UK 1881 census) was born about 1854 Brookboro' (just north on Maguirebridge, on the way to Fivemiletown). Her marriage certificate - 1887 Hampshire, England - gives her father as John McCusker, land steward. Can anyone help me with more information, please? Thank you. Joy


Chris Muldoon - 12:14pm Jul 14, 2004 Irish (#55 of 186)

Looking for any information regarding Muldoons in Ireland. My g g grandfather was Thomas Muldoon who sailed from Londonderry in the Adamlodge bound for Sydney Australia in 1838 with wife Jane (nee Campbell) I believe they originated from County Fermanagh, maybe Enniskillen. Any information would be most appreciated. My email address is: dakota4@idl.com.au Looking forward to hearing from someone Regards, Chris New South Wales, Australia


Jane Means Buchanan - 04:05am Jul 16, 2004 Irish (#56 of 186)

My name is Jane Means Buchanan,San Francisco CA USA and I will be arriving in Ireland in Sept. of this year 2004 with my 81 year old parents and my husband.We will be looking for any connection with our ancesters and a super geneologist!.I am the 12th generation ancester of Samual(Means?) born 1657 in Fermanagh, Enniskillen, immigrated to St. Mary's MD USA around 167? and married Margaret Greer in MD,USA 1678,who was born before 1660 county Cork.Samual is one of 7 siblings all born in Fermanagh between 1650-1670and all immegrated to America.His father is believed to be Josiah Means Born Dec. 14,1616 in Cork Clonakilty and married Mrs. Josiah means (name unknown)who was born about 1630 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh.This is our first trip to Ireland and needless to say we will be going to touch, feel and see the Ulster areas well as other areas around Ireland.Any suggestions for travel plans to that area or contact with a geneologist who specialize in history of the 1600's would be appreciated. Thanks.


Allen Hays - 01:25am Jul 23, 2004 Irish (#57 of 186)

Looking for Howe family - John Howe born 1823, probably in 5 Mile Town.


Cheryl Miller - 05:17am Jul 24, 2004 Irish (#58 of 186)

Looking for anyone related to, or familiar with the name of Toomath, in Co. Fermanagh. If anyone has any history on this family I would greatly appreciate it. I know they were farmers, I believe it was in Flax among other things. My main goal now is the history of the family, I have names and dates, but nothing of importance to note. Thanks a lot.


Annette Drewett - 07:44am Jul 24, 2004 Irish (#59 of 186)

My ancestor William Hicks was born in Fermanagh about 1841. He was a constable who emigrated to Australia on the ship Trebolgan 1864/65. I am trying to trace this branch of the family in Ireland. If anyone has any history on this family I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


Tina Means Russell - 02:35am Jul 26, 2004 Irish (#60 of 186)

In response to Jane Means Buchanon. I'm originally from Charleston, WV. I've traced my line back through Samuel to Josiah as well, and my husband and I are also considering a short trip to Ireland in September or October 2004. My grandfather told me that our ancestors originated from Scotland. The only link to Scotland that I've found is Joseph Means who was married in the Menzies castle in the 1600's. His date of birth has been listed as 1623 and 1653 in Perthshire. I can't link him to Josiah, but his line carried the same names and his children were born in Fermanagh, so I can't help but think that Joseph and Josiah were related. I'd like to find the Scottish link. Good Luck!


sue martin - 12:55pm Aug 2, 2004 Irish (#61 of 186)

looking for bogin/bogan family said to come from enniskillen. william bogan born around 1800?. a mariner on his marriage entry. at st nicholas church liverpool.


Natalie Thompson - 03:43am Aug 8, 2004 Irish (#62 of 186)

Henry Magee and Mary Boyd came to American in the 1770's; eventually they ended in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His loyalist papers say he was from Enniskillen in Fermanagh. I have not been able to locate him there. Are there any Magee's over there in that area that could help? Thank you very much. Natalie Thompson in the State of Utah, in the United States.


marion gallacher - 05:04pm Aug 21, 2004 Irish (#63 of 186)

am trying to find a john gallacher, born inniskillen around 1825, he went to scotland and maried a helen coyle in glasgow, she was from donegal, johns father was also john and his mother was a janet johnson, any help would be appreciated as i have come to a full stp, yours, marion gallacher,


William H. Curren - 04:05pm Aug 30, 2004 Irish (#64 of 186)

William H. Curren/ Am looking for information on my Great Great Grandfather, William Curren, born around 1815 and immigrated to New Brunswick in the early 1830`s. Might have landed at Newcastle, N.B. May have had numerous brothers and believed to have sisters by the name of Lydia&Mary Curren (Curran). His Fathers name may have been William also..


Sandra Walder-Payne - 09:01pm Sep 3, 2004 Irish (#65 of 186)

I am tracing my husband's Moynihan family. His gt. grandfather Timothy Moynihan died aged 53 in London in 1888. Census returns show that he was born in Ireland. In the 1881 census he is down as receiving an Army pension. The two eldest of the children shown on the census were born in Ireland, Andrew c.1871 and Jane c.1873. I have been unable to find a marriage to his wife Mary Stone who was born in Portland, Dorset. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Sandra Walder-Payne


ellen doyle - 08:34pm Sep 5, 2004 Irish (#66 of 186)

looking to find anyone related to alexander mc manus in ireland about 1850 thanks


Pat Bean - 06:44pm Sep 8, 2004 Irish (#67 of 186)

I'm looking for anyone researching the CARROTHERS family in Fermanagh. They were residents of Cornarooslan townland. I have info to share. Pat Bean


Jean Thompson - 08:08pm Sep 22, 2004 Irish (#68 of 186)

I am looking for information on the THOMPSON and HETHERINGTON families believed to be from Armagh or Fermanagh county. John Thompson, born around 1810 and Jane Hetherington, also born around 1810 married and had two children, John born Sept.18, 1843, and MaryAnn, born 14 Nov.,1847, when they moved to Woodhouse, Norfolk County in Ontario, Canada. I would like more information on both these families. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Tracy Elliott - 10:43pm Sep 23, 2004 Irish (#69 of 186)

Trying to find any relation/info concerning James ELLIOTT, born in Fermanagh, whom married a Margaret Tracey/Tacey from Enniskillen. Moved to Canada, I believe Ontario, from there, Ottawa county Michigan. Help, if you can, Thanks You.


Leigh Saddington - 08:22am Oct 10, 2004 Irish (#70 of 186)

Does anyone have information on the the desendants of Captain John Cochrane who lived at Castle Crevenish with his wife Deborah Blennerhassett. We believe he married secondly a Charlotte Humphrys.John and Charlotte were the parents of my ancestor, William Cochrane (1736-1810) who owned part of the townlands of Lissingle and Drumwhinny, near Kesh.William married a Mary Ann Forster, and their son John Foster Cohrane and his wife,Sidney Humphrys arrived in Australia January, 1842. Sidney was the daughter of John Humphrys of Drumban and his wife, Prudence Johnston.


Pat Halleran - 12:19am Oct 14, 2004 Irish (#71 of 186)

WI am looking for John Armstrong born c.1775 - who married Elizabeth Dixon and emigrated to Ontario, Canada around 1825. There were 4 children: John, born 12 June 1828, James, William, Jemima. John Sr died on the journey or shortly after and Eliz and the 4 children returned to Ireland, married a Michael Halleran born 1787 and returned to Canada with 4 Halleran and 4 Armstrong children. They were said to have come from Brookeborough. Any info would be appreciated. Pat Halleran, patondallas@shaw.ca. or to the Virtual Irish Community website until Nov. 5.


joan grenouillet - 08:03am Oct 23, 2004 Irish (#72 of 186)

Looking for descendants of the Bothwells of Ratona. Mary Anne (born 1859) Edward (Born 1863) Emily Jane (born 1865). Their brother William George(born 1861) was my grandfather. Their father,William Bothwell married again in 1870. His second wife's first name was Mary, but I do not know her maiden name. Mary Anne was born in Great Yarmouth and the other children were born in Enniskillen. My mother was Florence Bothwell who married Cedric May and lived in Greystones Co Wicklow


Carole Muir - 04:09pm Nov 15, 2004 Irish (#73 of 186)

My ggrandfather Robert Johnston was b about 1859 in Enniskillen and immigrated to Scotland when about 16. His father was William Thomson Johnston, a Civil Bill Officer,married to Jane Adams. In 1894 they were residing at 42 (or 24) East Bridge St Enniskillen.I would love to hear from anyone with info on this family. I hope one day to travel to Belfast to look up records to trace back my irish roots.


Loraine Radcliffe - 11:20pm Nov 18, 2004 Irish (#74 of 186)

I am looking for a family of Fitzpatricks from Enniskillen -William , his wife Anne(Morris) Morrison, children: Johnson,George, William, Margaret, thomas, Ann, Edward and Belle who emigrated to Ontario, Canada. Any information would help. Thanks Please e-mail me lvradcl@telusplanet.net


margaret martin - 12:58am Nov 26, 2004 Irish (#75 of 186)

Any information on the following families from fermanagh county from 1700's to 1880 please contact me: Martintraveler@aol.com Names: Melley, McManus, Mullin, Maguire.......... 11/25/2004


jim muldoon - 09:31pm Dec 17, 2004 Irish (#76 of 186)

To Sue Martin. My g,g,g,g fatherwas james muldoon wife Mary McGettigan daughter of Neil McGettigan and Alice Bogan 1798. from Drumkeerin Fermanagh Alice had 3 brothers and i was told this branch of the family have died out when i visited last year.


Neela Mann - 09:35pm Dec 29, 2004 Irish (#77 of 186)

Looking for relations of Edward CONNOLLY b.1875 and was a coachman in Enniskillen in the period 1900-1906. Married Sarah or Sara CARRUTHERS (b. 1879) or CARROTHERS. They had four children Frank (b.1900, Enniskillen), Edward (my father)(b. 1904, Enniskillen), Mary (b. 1906 Enniskillen) and Cornelius. Edward senior had brothers Patrick and William and two sisters (names not known). Their address in 1904 was "Race View", Enniskillen. Any connections out there, please? Neela


George Hudson - 07:45pm Feb 15, 2005 Irish (#78 of 186)

Looking info on any Scarletts from the Annaghmore Glebe or Drumboghena areas of Co Fermanagh prior to 1825.

Any help is appreciated.



Madelene Elliott- Inglis - 10:16pm Feb 25, 2005 Irish (#79 of 186)

I am tracing any family of Margaret Elliott(orange peggy) Enniskillen, County fermanagh she died 1891. her grand-son came out to Australia in 1867 on the Light Brigade with his wife Margaret Johnston and 3 son's Thomas(my grandfather)William and James they settled in Kiama N.S.W. I have hit a brick wall. Her husband and 3 son's drowned in Lough Erne middle 1800's.

Madelene Elliott-Inglis


ellen doyle - 11:45pm Mar 1, 2005 Irish (#80 of 186)

hi i am wondering if anyone can trace back to alexander mc manus he was i think born in larne?


Arlis Dowd - 08:32pm Apr 29, 2005 Irish (#81 of 186)

I am trying to find the ancestors of James Dowd and Ellen (Rogers) Dowd both born about 1801 who left Ireland 6/9/1847 on the "Oregon" from Port Killala during the potato famine. They and their children were supposedly born in County Fermanaugh. The children who accompanied them on the ship were James (b. 1821), Terence (b. 1832), Michael (b. 1842) and Patrick (b. 1844). They all arrived safely in Quebec, Canada, except for the son James who died of typhus on Grosse Ille outside of Quebec City. Any help is appreciated.


Peter Seymour - 02:01am May 12, 2005 Irish (#82 of 186)

Looking for McDowell's Knox's Pattyson's Kerr's whose family came to Ontario and Quebec, Canada


dan herlihy - 01:11pm Jul 2, 2005 Irish (#83 of 186)

Looking for information on Francis QUIGLEY born 1830 Mcguiresbridge. He married Catherine Gordon in 1865 in Glasgow, Scotland. Son Andrew was born in Scotland in 1864. Family came to USA about 1870-1872


Susan Call - 02:00am Jul 7, 2005 Irish (#84 of 186)

I am trying to find information on Robert Graham b. 1772 Of Enniskellen, Fermanagh; m. Down Co. (no date) to Ann Barrow (Barrows?); d. USA Hancock Co. IL 27 Nov 1862. I have been trying to find a father for Robert. I have found a possible father one Robert Graham b. abt 1740 Scotland; m. Mary Robinson (no date) No death date or place. This is my brick wall. I know my Grandmother corresponded with a Margaret Graham who was a widow in Enniskellen in about 1960 and that she was a cousin. I have not been able to find any more information and would appreciate contact from any one who might know something that would help. Thanks you, Susan Call


Jane Rickard - 04:57pm Aug 21, 2005 Irish (#85 of 186)

I'm looking for info on Hugh Foster, born 1772 in Femmanagh. Came to US Before March 1801 and married Avis Frankeberger. thank you, aconsoz@aol.com


Bill Kerrigan - 07:47pm Oct 26, 2005 Irish (#86 of 186)

Can anyone help me. I am trying to trace the roots of my friend Patrick Owens. Pat was born in Fermanagh in 1930 he was brought up by Mrs Bridie Cassidy in Enniskillen. Pat left Fermanagh in 1946 and headed for England, where he still lives. Please can anyone help.


edward v flanagan - 07:54pm Dec 3, 2005 Irish (#87 of 186)

FLANAGAN & GRAHAM I think my gggrandparents were in Fermanagh in early 1800s. Denis Flanagan b o/a 1785 and Elizabeth Graham b o/a 1795. Married o/a 1812. Had two sons, James b /o/a 1814, and Peter b o/a 1816. Emigrated tp Canada yr,unk. Were in the Kingston, Ont.area for as many as 20 yrs. Denis was farmer, James and Peter were sawyers , ship carpenters. There were many Flanagans and Grahams in Fermanagh in early 1800s. (and the nearby counties). The flanagans went to New Yiek o/a 1845/6 Manhattan, then Bklyn. James returned to Canada in 1849 and married CATHERINE O'BRIEN in St. Patricks at Railtom (Loughborough) on Nov 1849 and returned to NY.(Catherine"s 1st cousin became Bishop John O'Brien for Kingston diocese from 1870 -1875). Several large O'Brien familys in Loughborough area in those yrs. The Flanagans were in Newburgh, NY for several years, then returned to Manhattan in 1863 and have been there since. My ggrandfather is James Flanagan. I think both James and Peter learned to be sawyers, ship carpenters in the Kingston area. I am looking in those counties in Ireland where the names Flanagan and Graham are more common. Any help will be welcomed. FLANSrUS@aol.com.


Laura Morrison - 12:38am Feb 3, 2006 Irish (#88 of 186)

I am looking for an Edward MCmanus who went lived in West Ham England and boarded at the Bullocks.He had a child called Anthony John with a Winifed Lowndes/ ne Bullock on or around 1945-45. He than returned to Fermangh Ireland to be with family.If anyone can help please email me at:lmorrison002@sympatico.ca


Mike Jozefowicz - 09:04pm Jul 14, 2006 Irish (#89 of 186)

Hugh McCabe came to the United States about 1848. According to his 1902 obituary, he was born in 1822 in Fermanagh, Ireland. His father was Daniel, and his mother was Elizabeth.

I am searching for information about Hugh, and his parents. If anyone can help me in my search, please email me at ns0u@mchsi.com. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Scotty Cassidy - 12:45am Sep 16, 2006 Irish (#90 of 186)

Looking for JAMES CASSIDY BC 1812 and spouse ANN COYLE BC 1814. From Fermanagh or Tyrone. Emigrated to Scotland 1842. Good luck from sunny Florida.


JIM SYKES - 06:58pm Sep 30, 2006 Irish (#91 of 186)



Donna Doherty - 01:30am Oct 2, 2006 Irish (#92 of 186)

My husbands gr-grandfather was Bernard Doherty from Fermanagh. He was born around1850 and immigrated to Canada in the 1870's. He then immigrated to Chelsea, Mass in 1893. I am looking for any info on the Dohertys of Fermanagh. My father-in-law who is 83yo is Bernard's grandson and would love any info on the Dohertys of this area of Ireland. Thanks in advance for any info. Donna Doherty


Brenda Ryan - 05:24am Nov 3, 2006 Irish (#93 of 186)

Looking for any Crane family -especially connected to Danile Crane b 1859 -father ??Michael Regards Brenda


Steven Spencer - 04:53pm Nov 20, 2006 Irish (#94 of 186)

I am tying to trace the Irish origins of my Gt Gt Grandparents Henry and Ann (nee Brophy) SPENCER. They left Ireland from Newry in 1853 and went to Liverpool. Henry was a Stone Mason by trade. They settled briefly in Preston Lancashire before moving to Blackburn and finally Bradford, Yorkshire. My grandfather Francis Patrick Spencer enlisted in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in 1912, so there may be a Fermanagh connection? If anyone has any information please contact steven.spencer@bradford.newsquest.co.uk


DiAnna Scruggs - 07:35pm Nov 29, 2006 Irish (#95 of 186)

I am looking for my gggg-grandfather, Andrew McCullough. I have him as b: abt. 1747 in County Fermanagh, Ireland. He had 3 sons, John b: abt. 1784 in County Tyrone, Thomas b: abt 1785 County of Tyrone, William b: 16 Sept 1792 in county Fermanagh, Ireland and a daughter Rachel b: 1788 in either Fermanagh or Tyrone. I am looking for any info regarding his parents or his spouse or when he even came to the United States. I have him as deceased on 5 Oct 1822 in Newville, Cumberland Co, PA. Any help would be great!!!!




jrgkennedy - 03:03am Dec 9, 2006 Irish (#96 of 186)

I am looking for information about Sarah Magee, daughter of James Magee (I think) and born in Garrison, Co. Fermanagh some time in the mid 1800s. She married a man called James Kennedy who was born in Ireland but I think they actually met and married in Boston, USA. They had two children, James and Rose Kennedy both born in Boston around 1890. Apparently, James Snr. died in the USA and Sarah returned home to Fermanagh with her two children. Can anyone help?


Sandra Payne - 03:11pm Apr 20, 1999 Irish (#97 of 186)

I am researching the name Moynihan. Timothy Moynihan born circa 1835 Ireland. Wife Mary nee Stone. Son Andrew born Killoteran Waterford 11.09.1870 - Regiment - Depot 57th Regiment of Light Infantry. Any information on Timothy Moynihan or the Regiment would be appreciated.


Gary Phair - 11:14pm Feb 15, 2007 Irish (#98 of 186)

Gary Phair - I am looking for the Phair/Fair Family. James Phair/Fair was born 1812 in Fermanagh Co. Ireland. He left with his wife Mary Foster in approximately 1839 to Millbank, Waterloo Co, Toronto, Canada. They had 13 children in Canada. The Ulster Ancestry found a James Fair, born January 31, 1812 in Co Fermanagh. His Father was also James Fair and his Grandfather was also named James Fair. If anyone could let me know anything they might know about the Phair/Fair family, I would really appreciate it.


James Devine - 02:26am Mar 3, 2007 Irish (#99 of 186)

Patrick Devine married Susan McManus in Ireland in Plumbridge near Strabane......have info from the time the Devine Family came to the USA and the entire family tree from that time forward.......no info once I get to Ireland.

I'll provde all info I have for any info on Patrick Devine or wife Susan McManus. Interesting enough...my sister Married Dennis McManus..

Jim Devine E-mail freeninow@netscape.net

The Devine Family....also spelled Divine


James Devine - 12:48am Mar 4, 2007 Irish (#100 of 186)

McManus (Susan) married Patrick Devine in Strabane in Tyrone County around 1836.Devine was also spelled Divine. They married in a Catholic Church....

Any informatioin of Susan McManus will be appreciated. My sister married Dennis McManus. May be able to provide info on the McManus family here in the USA. Not known if same line of the McManus family as the one marrying Patrick Devine.


Cheryl Reiger - 05:28pm Mar 12, 2007 Irish (#101 of 186)

Looking for info on FRANCIS ADAMS b. May 25, 1785, Fermanagh Co., had a daughter MARGERY b. 1810, wife's name unknown, came to America between 1810 and 1820. 1820,lived in Greene Co. Pennsylvania. Died 1829. E-mail Cheryl(Adams)Reiger @: rigs525@netzero.net


Dorothy Done - 04:09pm Mar 20, 2007 Irish (#102 of 186)

Anna Marie Lucy - I am back after a long break and am still trying to find details of my grandmother. She was born in Fermanagh (Drumconnor) about the 1860's. She married John Armstrong in Mullaghdun Church, Fermanagh on 27th August 1891.

Any information would be gratefully received as I would dearly love to find her birth date.

Many thanks.


FRANCES JERRISON - 11:25am Apr 1, 2007 Irish (#103 of 186)



Nancy Pendergast - 03:50am Apr 17, 2007 Irish (#104 of 186)

I am looking for the town that my great grandfather was from in Co. Fermanagh. His name was Michael H. Martin. He came to America about 1876 when he was a teenager (born sometime in Feb. around 1855-1860). His parents were Hugh Martin and Rose McCorry. Most of his siblings also immigrated to America except I believe there were two that stayed--Hugh and Patrick Martin (both still living in 1926). The siblings all immigrated to Woburn, MA and Boston, MA. One older sister, Catherine, married a Henry Blake (not sure if in America or Ireland).

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


John Hamilton - 08:26pm Jun 7, 2007 Irish (#105 of 186)

John Hamilton, Sweden I am looking for ancestors to Gustavus Hamilton,called "Guvernor of Enniskillen". He was born in Sweden about 1652 and died on Monea Castle about 1689. He is known for that he defended Enniskillen in the civil warin the 1680th. He was married twice and had at least two sons, Ludovic and Andrew mentioned after 1690. There was also two daughters Mary who married Christoffer Dane and Anna Catharina who married James Catcart. Is there any issues? What happened with the family?


Laurie Robson - 06:56pm Jul 6, 2007 Irish (#106 of 186)

Looking for the family of Christopher Browne b abt 1780,who married Rebecca Dundas, b abt 1789. in County Fermanagh. One of their children is Thomas Browne b. abt 1824, possibly in Kilmore near Enniskillen. He married Jane Stinson b, abt 1826, in 1849 in Monea, Devenish Parish. She was the daughter of James Stinson and Prudence Wedgewood.

Laurie Robson


Margaret Arthurs - 08:05pm Sep 9, 2007 Irish (#107 of 186)

My husband's gt gt grandfather, James W. Arthurs, was born Apr 1832 in Fermanagh Co, Ireland. He is reported to have come to America in 1844. His mother is Dolly Wordsworth of Ireland. He served in the Civil War on his papers we learned of his Irish descent. He married Nancy Herron in 1855 and he had 8 children. My husband's gr grandfather is Ulysses Grant Arthurs. JW apparently lived in Philadelphia Pa for about a year after arriving in America. And then he came to Ohio in about 1872. I'm interested in finding out about his father who was born in Ireland. I do not know if JW's parents came to America or not. I have found no evidence that they did. JW lived with his family in Toronto, Jefferson Co, Ohio and his son Ulysses moved to the Akron, Summit Co, Ohio with his family. His son Harold Kenneth is my husband's father.

Margaret Arthurs


William J Limebeer - 07:56pm Oct 8, 2007 Irish (#108 of 186)

Ovens family at Inishmacsaint and Devenish parishes, Fermanagh. Seeking information on my ancestors Robert Ovens and his wife Elizabeth Dixon/Dickson whom I think married at the C of I at Inishmacsaint in abt. 1825. Son James Ovens baptised at C of I Bohevny on 30th April 1826. Family came to Ontario (then Upper Canada) in 1828. Robert's spinster sister Elizabeth accompanied the family to Canada.


Marilyn Mclees - 07:30pm Oct 31, 2007 Irish (#109 of 186)

I,m searching for Foy family from Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. GG grandfather married an Elizabeth Carson, who was born in 1805 or 6. Info I have is she was a widow with 5 children, Rebecca, William, Sarah, Mary & John when they came to Canada in 1836. John married Adaliza Albina MacIntosh, Dec. 25th, 1861 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They lived in Springfield, Canada. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone. Would appreciate any info that might be out there. Thanks, Marilyn(Foy) mcLees


Cherrie Cameron - 01:02am Nov 10, 2007 Irish (#110 of 186)

Looking for information for Margaret Simpson, daughter of ?Robert Simpson and ?Mary Musgrave, born in County Fermanagh c1821. Married William Wilson of County Tyrone, and emigrated to NSW c1837. May have had 3 children born before emigration. Many thanks


Irene Taranto - 07:16am Nov 22, 2007 Irish (#111 of 186)

KETTLE SHERRY WILKIN circa 1825-1848. I am searching for any information about my GG Grandparents Mary Ann Wilkin & John Sherry of County Fermanagh Ireland. Mary Ann is the daughter of James Wilkin & Jane Kettle. Mary Ann married John Sherry and migrated to Australia in 1848.


Linda Kerr - 05:59am Dec 28, 2007 Irish (#112 of 186)

1846 WILLIAM KERR son of Alexander married MARJERY CARROLL daughter of Thomas in Enniskillen. In 1850 they are in the New York census with 2 children. By 1880 they are in Sherbrooke, Quebec with 10 children. Info on any of the above would be appreciated. lindalo@aiservice.com


debbie jacobsen - 05:17pm Jan 12, 2008 Irish (#113 of 186)

Looking for gg grandparents Margaret (Margret) McClusky b. approx. 1830 in County Fermanagh –d. 1933 in Greeley County Nebraska. AND Patrick McManus b. approx 1840 in Ireland – d. 1888 in Greeley County Nebraska. Spelled McMannis in some documents Margaret McClusky was 20 years old in 1861, when she sailed from Ireland to New York. When she came to America the Civil War was in progress. She had a sister named Anna who came to America too; I don’t know if they came together. Anna McClsuky, born in County Fermanagh came to the US when she was 20 years, locating in new York Coty. She spent most of her life working as a governess in the home of W.K. Vanderbilt, the New York millionaire. She made 3 trips to Europe with the Vanderbilt family. Anna had come to Greeley [in retirement] to make her home with her sister. Anna McCluskey died of heart disease at the home of her sister Margaret McManus Anna (sometimes written Annie) McClusky (written McClosky in obituary) was 78 years old. There had apparently been eight McClusky siblings. Four brothers and two other sisters – I believe they all remained in Ireland.

Patrick became a naturalized US citizen in 1865. I believe, Margaret and Patrick were married in New York City. The family moved for a short time to Virginia and then to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where he was a coal miner and worked for the railroad. In the spring of 1877 the family moved to Greeley County, Nebraska. On February 19, 1878, they filed for a homestead claim.

Margaret and Patrick McManus’ children 1. Mary Anne born 1869 in New York. Married Patrick Kearney. They lived in Long Branch NY. She died before her mother died 2. Maggie (Margaret) born 1871 in Virginia – died early -of spleen disease 1904, in Greeley NE. Maggie never married 3.&4 Twins James E and Sarah Born Oct 5, 1876 in Pennsylvania. James married Anna Teresa Faherty. in 1908. Sarah married for the first time at age 44 to a Billy McManus – obviously no relation). In 1963 James and Sarah McManus were honored as Nebraska’s Oldest Living Twins. 5. Kitty A. (Catherine) b 1879 in Greeley County Nebraska – died before her mother in 1893. 6. & 7. Hugh and Rose – died in infancy in Pennsylvania

James E McManus and Anna (Faherty) McManus (daughter of Patrick & Winifred Lavell Fahrty) James and Anne McManus’ children 1.Patrick b. 1910, who in 1932 married Elaine Burke from Greeley County 2. Mary b. 1912, who married Oren Wood of Greeley County 3.Edward b. 1914 4.James b. 1918 d. 1918 (died with his mother in the flu epidemic) 5.Kate b.1916?, who married Carl Edwards, they made their home in Wyoming Kate (who after her mother’s death was raised for a time in California by Delia O’Connor and her husband – I assume they were related some how). At some point Sarah moved in with her twin brother to help take care of the children

As stated, the mother Anne died of the flu epidemic in 1918 as did one of her children. Mother and son were buried in the same coffin. Bodies were not allowed in the church [Sacred Heart in O’Connor NE] on account of the epidemic. Anne’s sister Bridget (Faherty) McFadden was also in Greeley NE. Both sisters died in the same flu epidemic. Both were pregnant.)

Any information about Patrick McManus and his wife Margaret Clusky would be appreciated.



Caroline Craddock - 10:37am Jan 15, 2008 Irish (#114 of 186)

I am trying to trace the family of my g grandfather, Robert Henry Lee, who was born in Lisnaskea in 1856. He moved to England where he was a Metropolitan policeman. He married Alice Augusta Crisp in 1888. I think he returned to Ireland after her death in 1916. His father was Francis who I think was a farmer. Any information about the family would be appreciated.


Ben Robinson - 09:27pm Feb 10, 2008 Irish (#115 of 186)

William Robinson was my GGrandfather and Rebecca Anne (Clarke) was his wife. My Grandfather Thomas was born on the 11th of June 1892 at Tullynincrin which is just over the Fermanagh border in Tyrone near Irvinestown. My grandfather also had a brother William (b c.1890) three sisters Elizabeth (b. 1885) Annie (b. 1896) and Sarah (b. 1901) I have absolutely no information on where they went. I would like to find out more information about my GGrandparents as it had been said my GGrandfather remarried when Rebecca Anne died - if anyone can help, please? Would people have a look at their Robinson female lines please and see if they can spot any of these 3 aforementioned ladies? It was believed that 2 of the 3 went to the US but the youngest, Sara, was bridesmaid at my Grandfathers wedding in 1918.


John S. Lyons - 07:01pm Feb 27, 2008 Irish (#116 of 186)

Buchanan or Buchannon from Enniskillen Fermanagh N Ire. Arthur Buchanan mar. Sally McCabe and they had a son Richard b. abt 1824. He mar. Catherine Brown and they had 12 children. Sarah, Mary Jane, Catherine, Eliza, Maggie, Isabella, and Cassie. Sons were Arthur, Robert, John, Richard and William. All were from Fermanagh and around Enniskillen. Sarah b.1856 imm to the US in 1874 and mar. Robert Stewart in Steubenville OH. They had 12 children. (They were my Grandparents). Mary Jane mar. John Collins in 1871 in Steub. OH. They had 2 children. John S and Sara Jane. Catherine mar. Hugh Fawcett 1868 in Ire. Eliza mar. Simon Collum and had 4 children lived and d. in Ire. Maggie mar. Thomas Elliot had 6 children lived and died in Ire. Isabella mar william Somerfield in the US. They imm, here in 1882. Arthur mar. Eliza Catherine Parker in Ire. and had 4 children. They imm. to Canada in 1883. They settled in Manitoba Canada. Robert died in Ire. at age 8. John died in Dublin age 23. Richard mar. Mary Ann Partington in Canton OH. D. in PA and had 3 children. This family was mostly around Enniskillen, Fermanagh N Ire. ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Marilyn Mclees - 01:52pm Feb 28, 2008 Irish (#117 of 186)

Carson-Foy: Looking for ancestors from Fermanagh Elizabeth Carson, B 1805 & her husband ? Foy. Elizabeth came to Canada in 1840's a widow with 5 children. Anyone out there recognize these people? Thanks, Marilyn


CD Hall - 09:20pm Apr 17, 2008 Irish (#118 of 186)

Seeking Irish HALL/DIXON ancestors of ROBERT HALL (born 1820) from Enniskillen, Fermanagh County , married (1842) to SARAH DIXON (or DICKSON) (born 1819) from Sligo, Sligo County. Emigrated to southern Ontario, Canada approximately 1842 or later. Associated with Church of Ireland.


john Monahan - 02:56am May 8, 2008 Irish (#119 of 186)

Interested in the Monahan family of Fermanagh, who went to Quebec, Canada, mid 1850s. Names of some; Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas and Margaret. Robert's family -wife and children -went on to Cleveland, Ohio and some of those , later, to New York and New Hampshire.


geoffrey styles - 04:48am Jun 2, 2008 Irish (#120 of 186)

Looking for information on Catherine O'Neal the daughter of John and Mary O'Neal she married my great Grandfather in Tasmania Australia in 1855 she had five brrother i think, John, Thomas, Hugh,Henry and James. Catherine had a daughter before she married my Grandfather but unable to find who her father was the daughters name was Elizabeth she was born in Ross Tasmania Catherine came from Fermanagh Iteland that is all i know thank you Geoffrey Styles dgstyles@bigpond.com


aileen wallace - 09:06am Jun 3, 2008 Irish (#121 of 186)

I there my name is Aileen Wallace. I have been trying to find my ancestors and every branch of the family brings me back to Ireland! The Knox and Mc Govern s I have in Magheraculmoney in Fermanagh 1852. The Ingrams and Pattens(Paton) in Drumkieran in Fermanagh 1854.Morris(Morrison) and Jones Drumkeeran Fermanagh 1848. I am also looking for David Mulholland and Agnes Thomson and David Mulholland and June Neilson (1st David's parents)but so far I have'nt managed to find a location but again it would be 1800's.Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


Mary Monaco - 04:17pm Jun 11, 2008 Irish (#122 of 186)

Looking for any info about Thomas Galligan who had a dry goods store in Enniskillin early 1900's. Store was called Galligan's.


C Ross - 01:36am Jun 29, 2008 Irish (#123 of 186)

John W. Thompson m. ? of Fermanagh abt 1796. Children born in Fermanagh/Tyrone William, Matthew, Margaret, John between 1797-1804. Family emigrated USA between 1804-1808. Would appreciate any connection.


jim slaven - 03:38pm Aug 13, 2008 Irish (#124 of 186)

my name is slaven ihave been told my name originates frm county fermanagh


Irene B Brown - 08:52pm Aug 26, 2008 Irish (#125 of 186)

Someone HELP, please! I am looking for relatives of my Grandfather - Robert Breen (born 1858)in Enniskillen. His father was John Breen who married Janet, nee Hurst (previously Burgess) in 1851 in Belnalack Church, Parish of Cleenish. They were both from farming families around Kinawley and Lisnaskea areas. I am coming to Enniskillen beginning of October and would love to be able to trace information about my family of the past and would love help in tracing my Grandfather Robert, his sister Margaret and brother Edward. Thank you!


ODIE1722 - 01:28pm Sep 11, 2008 Irish (#126 of 186)

I am looking for information on the family of Thomas Muldoon b. about 1817 in County Faramangh d. 1863 in West Albany, Wabasha County, Minnesota. He was married to an unknown _____Cody. They had 5 sons, Thomas, James b. 1846 in Canada d. 1916 in Missiouri, Michael, Patrick b. 1839 in Ireland d. Wabasha Co., Minnesota and William b. 1843 (either Ireland or Canada) d. 1927 Gilford, Wabasha Co., Minnesota.

Any ideas for me? Marilyn O'Donnell


Marguerite Isherwood - 03:44pm Oct 2, 2008 Irish (#127 of 186)


looking for relatives of Mary Pillow born 1821 fermanagh married William Markland colour sergent in the 85th reg, also daughter Alice Jane Markland born ireland in 1849 any help would be great...


Theresa Beattie - 06:28pm Oct 19, 2008 Irish (#128 of 186)

Do I have any surviving relatives? My Great Grandmother was Bridget Moohan, born Kilduff, parish of Ely, Co Fermanagh on 2 October 1880. Her parents were Michael and Ellen (ms Mulligan)Moohan. Bridget's brothers were Michael, John, Edward & Thomas (possibly also William) and a Sister Susan. Found Bridget on 1901 Census living in Cosbytown, as was Susan and Edward. Edward and Thomas moved to Glasgow and I know of their history - know nothing about Bridget, Susan, Michael or John - can anyone help.

Many thanks Theresa Beattie my email address is Theresa_Beattie@hotmail.co.uk


george irvine - 03:28am Nov 8, 2008 Irish (#129 of 186)

am looking for information on the irvine family history,,,my father was william irvine born 1896 and my mother pauline born 1896 in belfast they had 3 daughters and one son named george born 1936 looking for my uncle robert


Maureen Olsen - 10:24pm Jan 1, 2009 Irish (#130 of 186)

I am looking for my Magee & McShea relatives in the Enniskillen area and/or in County Fermanagh. My great-grandmother was Catherine Magee of Enniskillen. She married Michael McShea also of Ireland. They married in the USA in about 1890. Thier oldest child, a son named John McShea, was sent to Enniskillen in 1900 at age 10 and lived there with his Magee relatives. He stayed and married Annie Cox in 1918. I believe he was a farmer. They raised lots of kids there. John died in Enniskillen in 1944 and Annie died there in 1979. Any info would be so helpful to me. Thanks.


jeanne griffin - 05:21pm Jan 21, 2009 Irish (#131 of 186)

I am trying to located the family farm and gravesites of Patrick and Mathilda McMahon. They are my gr-grandparents. I have their daughter's (my grandmother) birth certificate and it mentions Cornarooslan as the place of her birth in 1895. For years my mother and I heard about the waterfall in the glen behind their house. I will be there in late summer and would dearly love to see it and take a picture. I know there was a cousin Bartley McMahon near by. Two of their sons Tom and Packy worked the farm for a while. please help gdmthr@sbcglobal.net


Yvette Nelson - 05:33pm Jan 31, 2009 Irish (#132 of 186)

I'm searching my family roots. Edmund Kent b abt 1843 wife, Ellen (Carey) abt 1843. children: Hannah July 1867, William Sept. 12, 1870, Bridget Oct. 1823, Katie Elizabeth Sept. 17, 1878 (my g.mother and I have lots on her when she immigrated to Boston, Mass.) Pierce S. Apr 28, 1879 also in Stoneham Mass living with Katie and husband Augustus Pierce Blair (my father) in the 1900 census. The children all born in and around Cork Cty. Any help most appreciated. Yvette


ann o donnel - 10:42pm Feb 22, 2009 Irish (#133 of 186)

hi. am trying to make a family tree and i would like to ask anyone who knew or if ever heard of a john o brien who married a treasa monaghan around 1910. they were living in castlederg. if anyone knows anything please contact me e-mail anncha77@eircom.net thank you.


marilyn2209 - 06:38pm Mar 2, 2009 Irish (#134 of 186)

I am searching for 2 families, Elizabeth Carson b 1805 in Enniskillen, married ? Foy in 1825. They had 5 children, William, John, Sarah, Rebecca & Mary. He died about 1836. She & her 5 children came to Quebec, Canada in mid 1840's. She was my gggrandmother. She is buried not far from where I live. Have no info on their families in Ireland. Is there anyone who can help? Would dearly love to find something of their families. Please & thank you, Marilyn McLees


Robert Harden - 04:25am Mar 19, 2009 Irish (#135 of 186)

I'm seaching for my gradfarther's famliy tree. his last name is Brooks from New Ross, Wexford, Ireland. I want to were I'm From. My E-Mail is gothman212000@yahoo.com


Claudia West - 11:55pm Apr 22, 2009 Irish (#136 of 186)

I'm looking for information on my g grandfather, William J. Francis. He was born in Co. Fermanagh, but lived in Five Mile Town, Tyrone with his siblings and his parents, James and Mary Francis. Several of his siblings were born in Co. Fermanagh also.


ann o donnel - 09:38pm Apr 26, 2009 Irish (#137 of 186)

hi. have already sent in a piece about a john o brien and teresa kavanagh. but i have sent in the wrong e-mail address. anncha77@eircom.net


Lynn Blowars - 07:55pm May 17, 2009 Irish (#138 of 186)

I am looking to find Edward Alexander McKernan or McKiernan's parents information. I believe that his father was Edward McKernan need Birth date and place of birth any other info about him? His mother we believe was Mary Cummins - need her birthplace and date and any other info you can supply. Edward Alexander McKernan was born May 22, 1871 in county Fenmanagh, Ireland. We believe he may have been born or lived in Enniskillen, Ireland after his birth. May have had brothers and sisters, would like some dates if anyone could help? Edward left Ireland and settled in New York and married Catherine Haron and is my great grandfather on my mother's side of the family. His name in Ireland may have been Edwin or Edward Alexander McKiernan. any information would be greatly appreciated. My only relative alive is my uncle Bill and I would like to be able to give him more of our family heritage. I just found a wealth of information about his father's side of the family and would love to give him as much info about his mother's side of our family. Anyone that can fill in some holes, please write lblowars@comcast.net Thanks so much Lynn Blowars


Jennifer Smit - 12:55pm Aug 10, 2009 Irish (#139 of 186)

Is anyone researching the Kelly's from Brookeborough area? I have discovered that my ggg-grandfather WILLIAM KELLY was born there (in Aghaveagh we think) in 1808, but know nothing abouthis parents or siblings. He entered the military, the 27th Regt of Foot we understand and was possibly an officer. He married a Dublin girl HANNAH or Honoria) CAREY and was sent on duty to South Africa. Hannah and 3 children went too. They never returned to Co. Fermanagh. The tiniest bit of information will be much appreciated. Thank you. Jennifer Smit (nee Kelly)


tom welsh - 02:23pm Aug 21, 2009 Irish (#140 of 186)

Looking for info on William Welsh born 1821 in monaghan county, Christened 15th Feb 1824 in Clones County Monagan. Married Elizabeth Clarke on 11th Aug 1842 in Fermanagh.(Where did they live?)William and Elizabeth with 5 children (2 boys 3 girls) sailed from Liverpool to Australia on 19th October 1855 on board the ship "John and Lucy". Williams parents are shown to be Thomas Welsh 1786-1836 and Ellen/Eleanor Armstrong 1788-1831. The 5 children are shown as born in Clones. William shown as a Farmer. Possibly in the parishes of Clones or Currin, Maybe townland of Tullyumphry. E/Mail me at twelsh@alphalink.com.au .


Carol Knowlton - 01:01pm Sep 7, 2009 Irish (#141 of 186)

Seeking information on Elizabeth Vance, born Enniskillen 02-04-1853, emigrated to America in 1865 or 1870. Parents John Vance and Betsy Rutledge, Especially seeking father's birthdate and place; mother born 1811. Thanks for any information - carol_knowlton@yahoo.com


judy wilson smith - 08:23am Oct 5, 2009 Irish (#142 of 186)

am looking for any information on james and mary smith from fermanagh they a son felix who went to victoria australia in 1866 felix married a margaret mc cabe from monaghan in 1866 are there any other relitives still in fermanagh or monaghan felix would have been born about 1840 or so mary about the same would love to here from any relitives ann-judy@bigpond.com


Gary Phair - 02:49pm Oct 16, 2009 Irish (#143 of 186)

I wish to clarify 1 point as it relates to James Phair and his wife Mary Foster. They were married in Canada June 8 1839, not Ireland.


Suzanne Adcroft - 02:37am Oct 22, 2009 Irish (#144 of 186)

Searching for information in Fermanagh on Andrew & Jane McDADE and 3 daughters Margaret, MaryJane & Isabella. arrived in Australia in 1854.Can reply to: april9@adam.com.au Suzanne


Bee Kupicha - 07:30pm Oct 24, 2009 Irish (#145 of 186)

I am looking for information about James Clarke my g-g grandfather. In 1833 he built a flour mill at Manor Water House nr Lisnaskea, and ended his days in1864 at Fairview, Donagh, nr Lisnaskea. His brother Andrew had several businesses in Clones, and James had a flour and meal business there too.Their sister Lucinda married Robert Stewart, a builder of linen mills in Lisburn and had 11 children.They have an impressive tomb inscription in the churchyard of Lisburn Cathedral. James Clarke owned and let a great deal of land all around Fermanagh, and had other mills, He never married but had a daughter Sarah Jane, b.1840 whom he adopted and she was his sole heir. Her mother was Sarah Slater who was thought to have been a maid at the Manor Water House home. I have very few dates to go on, but I estimate James Clarke to have been born abt 1800. If anyone has any info as to where he was buried, who his father was and how long they had been in Fermanagh, and any info concerning Sarah Slater, please contact me at bee@beensean.plus.com


Andree Morgan - 09:32pm Nov 9, 2009 Irish (#146 of 186)

Searching for any info on Kennedy Storey, born 1779,married Lucinda had two sons while still in Fermanagh Co. Northern Ireland. Thomas Bradford Storey born 1815 and William Storey born 1816. Left Ireland in 1817 sailed to Pennsylvania. Would like any info on parents and Siblings andree.morgan@gmail.com


Judy Rogers - 09:07pm Nov 15, 2009 Irish (#147 of 186)

Are there any Nolans from County Fermanagh besides the ones I know in Illinois in other states? Michael and Francis Nolan moved to California before 1850. Their father had relatives in the Holyoke, Mass area. My great-great grandfather John Nolan left from Sligo in 1845 with his father, mother, sister and 2 brothers. The father died at sea. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


Allan Lock - 10:34pm Jan 2, 2010 Irish (#148 of 186)

Edward Watson (Ballyreagh) and wife Susan Watson (formely Elliott. I am in Australia researching a friends Family Tree. His moather Mary Jane Watson was born 19 March 1899, Ballyreagh, Fermanagh.

Mary Jane migrated to Australia and passed away about 15 years ago. We need help filling in many blanks.

Can anyone assist.

Allan Lock


Steve Lisby - 02:51pm Mar 13, 2010 Irish (#149 of 186)

Robert Graham b. bef 1700 Co. Fermanagh or Armagh Ireland, m Antie (Annatie) b.?

I am looking for info on one of my ancestors, Robert Graham. He immigrated to the US, Ulster Co. NY before 1712. He possibly married his wife Antie or Annatie in Scotland about 1710. Son John b. Ulster Co. NY 1712. Robert's father may be Robert, b about 1665 in Scotland. Thanks


margaret mcgilloway - 02:00pm Mar 26, 2010 Irish (#150 of 186)

I am looking for info on James Ward,born in Belleek or any family members still in Belleek area. He was possibly born 12th April 1874 and emigrated to Glasgow where he married Margaret O'Donnell from Glenagiveny,Donegal. I believe he had twin aunts(red heads) living in America. Thanks


jackie cordley - 07:28pm Apr 23, 2010 Irish (#151 of 186)

Researching Mckenzies in Ireland. My father was Joseph Robert Mckenzie b. Drumcreen Fermanagh 1916. He went to Scotland and married Mary Agnes Sharkey. Looking for info or even better any descendants of my paternal grandparents Daniel Mckenzie b. abt. 1865 and Elizabeth Mcfarland b. abt. 1875 and who married at Garvary C.O.I abt 1896. Daniels parents were Francis Mckenzie b. abt. 1839 and Margaret Watson b. abt 1841 both Fermanagh Ireland. Areas of interest are Drumcreen,Cavanalough,Ballyreagh,Cleenaghan,Kilskeery,Killymittan


Joan Dawes5 - 03:37am May 6, 2010 Irish (#152 of 186)

Hello other Murray researchers especially Fermanagh Murray researchers - hoping someone can connect to my Charles & Susan (Shannon) Murray who emigrated from Fermanagh to Australia in 1838, arriving Sydney NSW Feb 1839. They were accompanied on the Barque "Susan" by their six children: James, Phillip, Elinor, Mary, Charles & Margaret - Research found some Murrays and Shannons living mid 1830s at Aghinver, near Kesh. Charles' father was James Murray; mother Ellen McGoldrick (or McGoldrich). Family history relates the family originally were from Scotland - probably Plantation Scots. Joan Dawes dawesjm@gmail.com


Michelle Mosgrove - 02:10am Jun 13, 2010 Irish (#153 of 186)

Searching for MOSGROVE roots from Derrygonnelly - Enniskillen, Fermanagh County, Ireland. michelle@mosgrove.com


Margaret T McGilloway - 06:54pm Sep 25, 2010 Irish (#154 of 186)

I am looking for information about Peter Ward and his wife,Rose McCluskey, who possibly married in Belleek in 1860's.They had three children, Peter, Catherine and James(my grandfather) and they lived in the townland of Carrowkeel, Bellek, Irvinstown, Fermanagh. Peter Ward was a farmer. My grandfather was married to Maggie O'Donnell from Donegal, in Derry in 1905, before they went to Glasgow. He died in 1957. I would appreciate any information about the surving families.


jean bartlett - 01:44am Oct 1, 2010 Irish (#155 of 186)

I am looking for information on James Padget who emigrated to Ontario Canada circa 1827. He was born circa 1806. He emigrated with his brother George. Last name could be spelled Paggett or Paget. I can be reached at bartlettlj@hotmail.com


tom mckenzie - 02:36am Nov 15, 2010 Irish (#156 of 186)

I am looking for information on Alexander Henry McKenzie born December 25, 1836 and died September 5, 1902. The family left during the potato famine and went to Manchester, England. He had 2 brothers and I do not know their names. He came to America in 1862 or maybe 1856 or 1857. Tom McKenzie e mail address coyotetom@hotmail.com


Lawrence C McGee - 05:54am Jan 3, 2011 Irish (#157 of 186)

I am looking for information on John McGee m. Derinda Murray (daughter of James Murray - any info here?)) of Templecarne, Co. Fermanagh died in potato famine parents of 5 children who were sent to Australia aboard 'hilton'. Note: same Murray as for enquiry by Joan Dawes5 above


Rosemary - 11:20am Jan 10, 2011 Irish (#158 of 186)

I am trying to trace my great great grandparents. My great grandfather was William Breen b.circa 1857 Ireland, probably Co Tyrone. He married Mary Loftus in Sept 1877 in district of Lanchester in north of England near Newcastle. I have their descendants but want to know more about William's ancestors, where they lived etc. I think his father may have been Robert and mother Mary (based on 1871 census search).I will be visiting Ireland in August and would love to be able to visit the area this Breen family lived. I'd also love any advice on where to search for more info on my Irish roots as the internet seems to have little info for Irish born folk.Thanks, Rosemary (Australia)


BUD - 05:54pm Jan 15, 2011 Irish (#159 of 186)



Verna Freeman - 12:59am Feb 20, 2011 Irish (#160 of 186)

McComb David & Isabella (from Enniskillen?) emigrated to St John, New Brunswick, Canada 1864 J&J Cooke Lines out of Londonderry w/Maguire John & family. David b.1842, Isabella b.1843. May have been just married. Children born in St John. Not much other information to go on and since Enniskillen doesn't have information to research according to their website I am hoping to find a bit of help here. Grateful fotrany help(family, church records, cemteries, anything) Thanks Verna Oxford Mass USA


Jill Lane Phillips - 03:54am Mar 5, 2011 Irish (#161 of 186)

I am searching for information on James Beamish Lane (Master Mariner-London Docks 1875) married to Mary Anne Condell in 1868. Daughter Margaret Elizabeth Lane born 1870, Joseph Beamish Lane(my GG Grandfather) born 1874. Any help would be greatly appreciated! JillLPhillips@msn.com


gail hayes - 05:18pm May 20, 2011 Irish (#162 of 186)

I am looking for the children and/or grandchildren of my grandmother's sister. My grandmother was Isabel Stinson and her sister was Maggie Stinson who married a gentleman by the surname of Dundas. The Stinson sisters lived on Main Street in Derrygonnelly. There was an apothecary shop in the front part of their house. The sisters were born in the 1890's in Ireland.


Christine Muldoon - 07:07pm Jun 8, 2011 Irish (#163 of 186)

am looking for my fathers relatives his name is Thomas Muldoon he was born 1931 in Waterside Londonderry his father was john Muldoon and his mother was Mary Muldoon nee Collins can any one help


Stacy Foster - 07:26am Jun 16, 2011 Irish (#164 of 186)

Searching for the family of Elizabeth OWENS b. 1872, in Fermanagh Co. Northern Ireland.


Marilyn Mclees - 07:02pm Jun 21, 2011 Irish (#165 of 186)

I'm still searching for families of Elizabeth Carson & her husband William Foy. Both supposedly born in Fermanagh, she in 1805 & he in 1802. They were married in 1825. He died in 1836. They had 5 children, William, John, Rebecca, Sarah & Mary. Elizabeth & her children came to Canada in 1846, through Quebec. Still trying to find some info on Elizabeth & William's parents & or siblings.Would appreciate any info I can get. Thanks, Marilyn Foy McLees


Doris Franzoy - 11:46pm Jul 11, 2011 Irish (#166 of 186)

The information I have is that ROBERT GRAHAM was born 1775 in County Down. He married twice in Ireland--first to Ann Barrow and they had one son named James, born Oct 11, 1801. He then married Mrs. Catherine Marshall (a widow with no children) whose maiden name was Russell on Feb 8, 1808. I am assuming that Ann died. Robert and Catherine came to America and settled in Delaware and then later in 1837 in Hancock Co, Illinois. James came with them and they also had 10 more children. I am searching for information about Robert and Ann. Contact me at djfranzoy@gmail.com


Joseph Graham - 07:43pm Aug 7, 2011 Irish (#167 of 186)

To All, Thank you for reading my message. My name is Joe Graham. I am trying to find my Mothers family. My mother's name was Bridget McMulkin, she was known as “Bridie” to her family and friends. She left Ireland in 1932 from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland to the United States, New York, NY. She returned to Ireland to visit Family and friend's in 1933 and returned again to the United States. She was the youngest in her family which I believe was 7 or 8 children. She also had a brother by the name of Paddy Shannon. I wish I had more information to give you but I don't. If you are reading this message and know of her or her family I would be great full to you for any information you could give me. My email address is: joenangr@gmail.com Thank You Again


Henry Machon - 02:42pm Oct 11, 2011 Irish (#168 of 186)

Henry Machon, I am looking for info. on my GGGrandparents Married Church Hill Area of Fermanagh in 1845.His name was Francis McMahon married to Catherine McGraw / McGrath.They were born about 1815 but am afraid I have no other info. Possibly someone might be researching them also.Thanx


Hanne Rasmussen - 08:27pm Nov 11, 2011 Irish (#169 of 186)

Hi there I am desperate to find my Irish roots. I live in Canada and my great-grandmother was Annie Farrell, born to James Farrell and Catherine Bayne in Lisnaskea in 1879. James and Catherine's children were: John, Robert, Elizabeth, Catherine, Annie and Harriet. My great-grandmother married James Attwell and they came to Canada in 1912. I would love to find out any information on this side of the family, and see if I can go back further. You can also email me directly at hrasmussen@rogers.com


Kerry Kilmury - 12:39am Jan 9, 2012 Irish (#170 of 186)

At wit's end. I'm searching for my Gr.Gr.Grandfather Thomas *Solomon* Rennick. His family came to Canada from Enniskillen, Ireland. I cannot find any information on Thomas in Ireland at all. He was known by Solomon but I think his other name was Thomas, still unsure. But doing searches for Solomon came up with no results whatsoever. Can anyone help? You can email me directly at kek4@shaw.ca. Thanks so much for any help.



Betty Perry - 08:31pm Mar 26, 2012 Irish (#171 of 186)

I have William Perry 50, wife Mary 44, children Dorothy 20, John 12, Edward 14 and George 16, from Fermanagh Ireland arriving in Philadelphia 8 June 1840 on the ship Bay Silkworth These ages could be different as I find a discrepancy on their ages in later documents. They all list Fermanagh Ireand as place of residence. I would appreciate any help.


Judi Ahern - 02:47am Apr 7, 2012 Irish (#172 of 186)

Hi looking for information on family of Martha and Margaret Atwell. Martha born 1882, Margaret 1875. Parents were James Atwell and Margaret Heaney of Brookebrough. Both Martha and Margaret moved to New Haven, Connecticut early 1900. Ant assistance would be appreciated.


Christopher E. Dowd - 12:41pm May 6, 2012 Irish (#173 of 186)

Christopher Dowd

Hello, I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents, John Dowd and Bridget Mutrie (Mootry - Moutray). They were born in the 1860s in County Fermanagh and subsequently married in Enniskillen in the Spring of 1882. John Dowd's parents were a James Dowd and Ann Connors. John and Bridget emigrated to Boston abt 1888.

I would like to obtain additional information and / or recommended record resources to document birth / marriages / for these individuals. Thank you


James Johnston 57 - 07:05pm Jun 22, 2012 Irish (#174 of 186)

Kindest regards to the people of " the old sod " I am researching my 2xgreat grandfather ,James Johnston . Fermanagh is a shot in the dark but you have to start somewhere . He was born in June 1822. Guessing he left Ireland for Canada in 1846 or 1847 . He married Sarah Jane Baker in Erin , Ontario December 1847 . Listed his faith as Methodist in Canadian census of 1871 . Fairly certain his father's name was John and mother's name was Martha .Any information is greatly appreciated .


Larry frazier - 07:42am Sep 1, 2012 Irish (#175 of 186)

Larry gene Looking for Florence Patricia Cassidy visited Beckley West Virginia in 1952 i believe returned to Ireland after that -she was 24years of age in 1952 with 2 children


Fran Heathcote - 02:59pm Jan 12, 2013 Irish (#176 of 186)

I am trying to trace the origins of my great great grandfather, Hugh McHugh. He married Margaret Alice Clarke at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, England aged 22 on 8th July 1858. On his marriage cert it says his place of birth was Ireland and his father was Frank McHugh (deceased) Labourer. He served in Malta in the 15th Battalion of the foot, East Yorks Regiment. His military records show he was born in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh but enlisted in Glasgow. Whilst in Malta his children (Robert & Helena)were born and he then moved to Birmingham in the mid-late 1860s. By the 1871 census he was in Birmingham working as an Ostler. He died in 1875.

I am interested in trying to find his parents. We visited Enniskillen a couple of years ago, he was Roman Catholic and we visited the RC church but he was born the year before their records started (we think). Whilst there we met a very helpful geneologist at Enniskillen town hall who gave us some suggestions of areas he may have lived in. I have just discovered the 1849 Workhouse records for Enniskillen (Hugh would have been about 14 or 15) and there is an entry for a Hugh McCue about that age from the township of Killinaghcorna. There was a 40 year old widow named Biddy McCue there too from the same township with children John 13, Frank (no age recorded) and Bridget 1/2. This may well have been his Mother and siblings (not least because as we know his father named on his marriage cert was Francis (deceased) and one son was named Frank). I think I may well have found out all I can about him but if anyone has more about any of these McHughs/ McCues then I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks


Ann McCurdy - 02:37am Jan 29, 2013 Irish (#177 of 186)

I am interested in finding the parents for William Hoey who was married to Mary Reid. William was born about 1823 in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and died about 1901 in Grogey, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. He and Mary were married 6 Apr 1869 Church Lisnaskea Civil Registrars Office, Parish Aghalurcher, Civil District Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh. William and Mary's children are: James Hoey 1870 – 1870; John Hoey 1871 –; William Hoey 1873 –; Sarah Jane Hoey 1875 – 1947; Margaret Hoey 1877 – 1877; George Hoey 1880 – 1880; Charlotte Hoey 1887 –; Ellie Hoey 1888 – 1971; Ruby Hoey. I believe Mary Reid's parents were John Reid and Isabel Mooney, both from Northern Ireland. Thank you very much and I am in North Carolina, USA.


pamcmorris - 09:24pm Mar 20, 2013 Irish (#178 of 186)

McMANUS...New Jersey. Hello Bryan, Read your query on Ireland Roots . Have you had success in finding out more information on John ''Thomas'' and Clara? First of all John and Clara were both born in New Jersey . John T. in 1881 and Clara in 1884. John T's parents = John P.b.1846 and Ann b.1852 came from Ireland. John P. McManus married Ann Shephard in N.J. in 1873. You probably have this info already !?

Patrick.. mcmvjp@iprimus.com.au


diane linsley - 04:58pm Mar 27, 2013 Irish (#179 of 186)

Hello my name is Diane and i have been interested in my family root's for as long as i can remember. My father's side i am finding very trying as been stuck for so long.. Robert Boylan 1825-? and his wife Mary Teaque 1826-? came from Clounes Co Manahan, Ireland (British Colong BC) And Robert from Fermanagh..any help would greatly appreciated Regards Diane Linsley. p.s i also have Daughtey (Dougherty)(Dockerty) what i am stuck on but maybe next time i can ask for help..


Maureen McHugh - 08:20am Mar 31, 2013 Irish (#180 of 186)


I am searching for ANNIE RICE, SARAH ELLIOTT, JOHN MCHUGH and PATRICK MCCAFFERY families's of Lisnaskea Co Fermanagh. Any information would be much appreciated. Maureen


Bonnie Beacom - 05:39pm May 18, 2013 Irish (#181 of 186)

Looking for the Beacom family. I thought I seen a message on here from a gentleman with information about a William and Rebecca (Keys) Beacom. But can not find it. Hope I can get some information about any Beacoms and hope that helps me find the missing link.


Jim Sharp - 10:34am Oct 22, 2013 Irish (#182 of 186)

Hi,I am trying to get information about John and Bridget Reilly (Ms Connelly) they lived at 7 drumbadreevagh Inishmacsaint Fermanagh until circa:1912 and had 10 children Catherine my Grandmother moved to Glasgow sometime around 1902-1906 any help would be greatly appreciated.


Barbara Murray Hall - 12:05pm Feb 20, 2014 Irish (#183 of 186)

Would really appreciate any information relating to my great great grandfather Bernard Murray (1844-1916) and his parents, James Murray (born about 1818?) and Ann Smith, from Clones, Fermanagh. I do know that Bernard Murray married Mary Jane Paul of Glasgow.... they lived in Lanarkshire first, then emigrated to the USA--living in Pennsylvania and settling in Scranton, Kansas, where they are buried. My great grandfather Frank Murray was born when they lived in Scotland--he married Melanie Luppens and they moved to Stone Canyon, California.


Lionel Morrell - 12:06pm Apr 1, 2014 Irish (#184 of 186)

Edward Cox (Teddy) married Mary Anne Maxwell around 1850. They registered a daughter's birth in the Parish of Enniskillen in the year 1894. At the time of the birth, they lived on Head St. in Enniskillen. Is anyone doing a Cox search?


Sue Cox - 02:32pm May 10, 2014 Irish (#185 of 186)

I'm looking for any information on Rose McQuade and George Armstrong who we born in Lowtherstown, in the county of Fermanagh Ireland around 1810. Rose was sent to Tasmania, with her son Thomas, as a convict in 1843. George had died prior to that. Any information on Rose or George would be greatly appreciated


ray wilson - 02:53pm Aug 6, 2014 Irish (#186 of 186)

Seeking information on John Wilson born Fermanagh Sept 10 1798 Moved to New Brunswick Canada 1822,married Sarah Johnston 1828 in New Brunswick Canada.Parents John 1751-1833 & Elizabeth Glendenning.Sisters Isabelle 1794,Elizabeth 1796.Have loads of info on this family in Canada but not much in Ireland.Would like to connect with anyone connected to this family.Thank you

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