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Rathdowney, Laoighis, Ireland

Ron Jean - 01:46pm Oct 14, 2000 Irish

Can anyone help me, my info says my ggf was born in Rathdowney, Laoighis, Ireland. Is there such a place? Would appreciate any info. His name was John Joseph Dunphy.

Ron Jean

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gerard shelly - 10:51pm Jul 9, 2007 Irish (#37 of 71)

the name shelloes would be the same as shallow the english translated from the old irish name o sealbhiagh oridgenaly from co cork and more common now in tipperary ireland. i hope this is of some help to you. gerard shelly


Stephanie Pritchard - 10:12am Dec 10, 2007 Irish (#38 of 71)

I am looking for any information on the parents of Hannah Mc Donald born about 1820 in Rathdowney, Laois. Any help would be very much appreciated. Stephanie


sue coles - 01:15am Dec 18, 2007 Irish (#39 of 71)

my name is sue whelan and my dad was born in cannonswood rathdowney laois,his name was michael as was his dad and his mums name was anastasia they were a large family,i knew his sister joan and stasia brothers martin and joe.I'm finding it hard to trace back as both my parents died young and most of the family over here that would know stuff have passed away also,if anyone has any tips to get started i would be very grateful


sue coles - 01:17am Dec 18, 2007 Irish (#40 of 71)

my name is sue whelan and my dad was born in cannonswood rathdowney laois,his name was michael as was his dad and his mums name was anastasia they were a large family,i knew his sister joan and stasia brothers martin and joe.I'm finding it hard to trace back as both my parents died young and most of the family over here that would know stuff have passed away also,if anyone has any tips to get started i would be very grateful.I am also closely related to the kettles of dublin and the guilfoyles.


Julia Hebenstreit - 07:38pm Jan 23, 2008 Irish (#41 of 71)

My grandmother, Grace Anne Murphy, immigrated to the United States in 1901. Her place of origin as listed on the passenger list was Rathdowney. She worked in New York for awhile before coming to Iowa to serve as her uncle's (Father John Phelan) housekeeper. She married my Grandfather, Anthony Hebenstreit, about 1912. Through her obituary, I learned that her parents name were Thomas and Johanna (Phelan) Murphy. She had several living siblings at the time of her death in 1932 - Denis, John, Joseph, Michael, Patrick, Rita (Ging), Thomas, Mary, and Kathleen. I know that Kathleen also immigrated to the United States - her married name was Friel. I am interested in knowing where her parents may be buried and if we have any distant relatives still living in Ireland. Thanks.

Julie Hebenstreit


dmcgrath - 09:30pm Jan 28, 2008 Irish (#42 of 71)

hi i am looking for any information regarding thomas mcgrath b abt 1814 florinda meara b abt 1841.they married kyle chapel also known as balalghmore church co laois 21 jan 1867. they have children thomas b1878, mary b1869, ellen b1873, joseph b1871, john b1867.i believe the family were living in townland kilmartin, co laois? i believe thomas's father was michael mcgrath and florida's father john meara(mara) any help would be greatly appreciated.

David McGrath


Robert Trout - 05:04pm Feb 8, 2008 Irish (#43 of 71)

Hello, Im looking for any information regarding the Hook family name. Father was Thomas and Mother was Julia Collins-Hook with a daughter named Nannie. Nannie was born in 1876 and Thomas was around 1849. My e-mail is BTrout8@yahoo.com Thanks for any help


Jacinta Russell - 03:35pm Feb 19, 2008 Irish (#44 of 71)

Hi, My name is Jacinta and my maiden name was Shelly. I am now Mrs. Russell.

I'm origionally from Rosenallis, Laois. My Grand Parents were William Joseph Shelly and Agnes Hyland. Grand Dad had a brother called William Joseph and there was also a Mai or Mae Shelly. I unfortunately don't have any birth, marriage or death details or dates. Can anyone help me? You can contact me at russellj@goldenmaned.com.


Jo Johnson - 05:26pm Mar 29, 2008 Irish (#45 of 71)

Hi Janet My Great Great Grandmother was Maria Maher, born in County Laois in 1850.

No idea if our Mahers are connected, the only info I have is as follows:

Maria married Joseph Talbot and had the following children: Daniel b. 1877 Mary b. 1879 Joseph b. 1881 Anastacia (Stacia)b 1883 Michael b. 1884 Nora b. 1886 Thomas b. 1888 Annie b. 1890 (my Great Granny) Margaret (Gret) b 1893 Johanna (Julia) b. 1896

Anastacia emmigrated to Boston, Ma and married Daniel Finn.

Is any of this familiar to you? Kind regards Jo


Connie Shelly - 06:30am May 20, 2008 Irish (#46 of 71)

In response to David Shelow above on your ancestors from PA: There were many Irish in the coal mining towns around Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. Your Shelow could be from the Irish Shalloe or Shalloo or Shelly/Shelley. But alot of the Shelly/Shelley's in PA were German Mennonites who were among the original settlers in Bucks County, PA.


Bruce Constable - 03:21am Jul 17, 2008 Irish (#47 of 71)

HI, Looking for information on the Harvey family whose daughter married James Pearson in Queens Co. Ireland about 1820s.

James, a farmer, may be from Grogan and the Harvey family from Ballybuggy or Knockheel near Rathdowney.

Their son James, my great-grandfather, was born in 1829 in Queens County and came to Australia in 1850 aged 21. He married Elizabeth Galloway on 15 Mar 1853 in Sydney NSW.

Any information on the Pearson/Harvey families and their children would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Bruce


leonie - 05:45am Aug 23, 2008 Irish (#48 of 71)

am looking for john lalor born abt 1760 in queens county he married elizabeth turner can anyone help me with any information id really appreciate it leonie lalor/murray


leonie - 05:52am Aug 23, 2008 Irish (#49 of 71)

im looking on any information on john lalor married sarah howard 1840 in roscrea ireland can anyone help me with any information as i'm just starting my reasearch on family tree thanks leonie lalor


leonie - 05:59am Aug 23, 2008 Irish (#50 of 71)

can anyone help with info on a bridget mohony married thomas murray lived poormans bridge late 1800's early 1900's im stumped they had a son micheal came out to australia 1940-50 married anne roach/roache thanks


leonie - 06:07am Aug 23, 2008 Irish (#51 of 71)

any information on george pearson lalor born 05/march 1821 in rathdowney or i believe his grandparents mr & mrs george pearson at monamondra, ireland would help with my reasearch trying to make a family tree book for my fathers birthday on the lalors thanks leonie lalor/murray


Rose Kenna - 05:00pm Aug 23, 2008 Irish (#52 of 71)

My Grandmother Anna Kenna immigrated to the U. S. in the 1800's. The N.Y. 1900 census shows 1885 as year of immigration and 15 yrs in the US. Her obituary states that her maiden name was Gleeson born is Ireland, Rathdowney, county Leix. Her birth date was 10/13/1866.

I have seen her name listed as Gleason and Gleeson. Is this a common name in Rathdowney and how can I obtain information about her parents.

The Griffiths valuation shows 2 Philip Gleesons, one in Mill Quarter and one in town, church St. How does one check to see if there is a relationship to Philip?

Would appreciate any help. Thank you, Rose Kenna


Colette OīRorke - 03:57pm Sep 4, 2008 Irish (#53 of 71)

My ggrandparents were Michael Kennedy and Bridget Firzpatrick, married c. 1881 in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin. They were both born in Queens County (Laoise), Michael in 1856 (baptised at St. Michaels RC church in Portarlington). Michaelīs parents were Peter Kennedy (a fishmonger) and Mary Anne nee Connor. Bridgetīs parents may have been Catherine Behan/Beahan and Thomas Fitzpatrick. Does anybody have any of these people in their family? Cheers and thanks in advance


Gordon Caulfield - 05:31pm Dec 19, 2008 Irish (#54 of 71)

I am trying to find details on MAY FINN, or her family line. She was born in Rathdowney around 1899 but moved to England to work. She married into the CAULFIELD family in 1923. Thank you


Gordon Caulfield - 10:55am Jan 5, 2009 Irish (#55 of 71)

Details required for May (Mary) Finn - she came to England in 1913 with a certain Mrs. Vaux (?). Any info on the family of May (Mary) Finn, who were living in Rathdowney at this time, would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Maureen Tongue - 08:20am Feb 25, 2009 Irish (#56 of 71)

My great grandmother was Margaret Lalor of Queens county Ireland. She emigrated to Australia with her husband James Pratt in 1855. Her parents were James Lalor and Johanna Creagh/Craw. Does she have any living relatives in Ireland.


ANTHONY PEARSON - 03:06pm Mar 2, 2009 Irish (#57 of 71)

hi i am looking for info on pearson family we can find them in cumberland in 1714 a william pearson he married a mary wilkinson in 1745 cumberland (cumbria) am looking for mccarrick as well married to a thomas pearson in gateshead her name is elizabeth mccarrick married in about 1898/99 in gateshead in uk thanks


ANTHONY PEARSON - 03:19pm Mar 2, 2009 Irish (#58 of 71)

if any one is looking for pearson family have a look on htt://home.vicnet.net.au/~pearson/web/ there are about 1,500members on it hope this will help some


shellbelle0 - 11:04am Jun 26, 2009 Irish (#59 of 71)

am looking for any information regarding my mother elizabeth bernedette hennnessy born 23 feb 1946 tullamore county home offaly her mothers name is elizabeth hennessy address on birth cert gives her mothers as harbour street mountmellick i would be grateful for any info maybe you knew her mother or my mother who later lived with christopher & bridie keogh at closelands portarlington plaese contact me ay michellemurphy1234@yahoo.com thanks


Gordon Caulfield - 08:39pm Oct 6, 2009 Irish (#60 of 71)

Am seeking details on John and Catherine finn, who lived in,I believe,Conoboro, prior to their deaths in the 1930s. Would like to hear from any of their descendants. John was born around 1873, and Catherine was born around 1878. They wed in 1895/96 in Queen's County.


Geraldine Jackson - 11:29pm Feb 11, 2010 Irish (#61 of 71)

Jackson's from Roscrea. Irish. . Searching for any Jacksons from Roscrea, or Birr area's (Charles Jackson )<or >(Christopher who married very young probably without his parents knowing. ,Henry, or anyone with connections to the surname Jackson as there was not many of that name. Thanks


Geraldine Jackson - 11:37pm Feb 11, 2010 Irish (#62 of 71)

Trying to do family tree any help would be welcome,Charles William Henry Jackson, Charles Richard Jackson County offaly.Frederick Jackson. >Christopher Jackson's Father Was Charles Jackson.


Caroline Bowe - 05:22pm Aug 24, 2010 Irish (#63 of 71)

I am trying to trace my ancestors from Rathdowney. My grandfather was Billy Bowe and his wife was Sis Daley (everyone called her sis and I don't know what her real name was. They lived in Moore Street where my uncle is still living.


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